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court. i know john mccain, lindsey graham, couple of others are pushing for that. you need a little more evidence to know whether you can do that. you really have to know, did he become part of the terrorist war against the united states? these e-mails and texts that they're discovering kind of make a pretty good case that he was part of a group that's at war against the united states. if you can make that case, then you could try him in a military court. you could try him in guantanamo bay and not have the spectacle of this trial having to take place in boston or some other place where they would change venue. >> are you sure about military court? as i understand, it was for noncitizens and for foreign nationals. >> if a citizen becomes part of the war effort against the united states -- let's take an example like this. let's take the second world war. let's say an american citizen went to germany and joined the nazi army and invaded the united states, we could try that person in a military court. now, the nature of this war is so ambiguous, you're going to get a lot of arguments as to
on and is he prosecuted as an enemy combatant as senator mccain and lindsey graham and others -- >> martha: do you expect this administration to do that? >> no, because they've stated they will not hold american citizens indefinitely, even though -- >> martha: that's established under the supreme court -- >> the defense authorization act of 2012, they can. there have been statements by the president that they wouldn't enforce it. but if they wanted to enforce it, they could at this point. this will become a subject of debate. what's best for america? hold them forever or try them? let's see what happens. >> martha: as always, great to have you. >> good to see you. >> martha: bill? >> bill: martha, there is still -- they're still collecting evidence on boylston street. we saw the haz-mat suits on a short time ago. that process still continues. boston shows its resilience. the residence come out cheering the efforts of police and the investigation. as that continues, too, the applause from last night will be memorable in this city's long and historic tradition. [ cheers and applause ] >> usa! us
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2